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How is this looking on me?

Posted on November 11, 2012

Every now and then a vegan company comes along and gets all the pieces of the puzzle in place perfectly. There is demand. There is a strong product. There is a unique look.

Welcome to the world, Vegan Faces.

With so many mainstream make-up companies not taking the commitment to vegan shoppers very seriously, it is refreshing to meet Metala Theart of Vegan Faces. Metala combines her love and knowledge of make-up with a serious commitment to producing a world-class vegan product. The result? One of the stand out compassionate companies in the UK  that is surely on the path to great success.

Take a virtual trip to the Vegan Faces online store and you’ll discover a treasure trove of animal-friendly items. Metala takes great pride in selling face paints, cosmetics and accessories that in no way contribute to suffering, but are still of the highest standard.

Metala has created a range of exciting cosmetics using ingredients that actually take care of your skin while you wear them. Of course lanolin is off the menu, instead replaced by organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, pro-vitamin B5 and vegan vitamin E.

So, this range is vegan but does it look any good?

Everytime I have bumped into Metala, she has of course been wearing Vegan Faces and I can honestly say I have never heard someone receive so many compliments on their makeup. The stunning range always draws attention. I was at a fundraiser party with Metala a few months back and her organic mint lip shimmer was getting a lot of attention from people sampling her range.

If you like makeup or are in the market for face paints, you would be hard pressed to find a better buy than Vegan Faces. Buying natural ingredients that don’t hurt animals but still look amazing is surely the best possible scenario for a compassionate cosmetic shopper, right?

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